Due to my education, professional background, and publication record, I only work with scientific and related texts (e.g., medical, pharmaceutical). This offers the client the best quality and the most efficient and reliable service. The projects I work on include journal articles (e.g., research reports, reviews, clinical studies, case reports), cover letters and responses to referees, and grant applications. The goal is to produce a grammatically correct, clear, and comprehensible text that reads as if it has been entirely written by a native English speaker.

For journal manuscripts, I also provide general advice, such as how to improve the readability of the text, and note any extra information that may be required (and, conversely, what information is superfluous or repetitious). I also ensure that content is not misplaced (e.g., that results are not mentioned in the Methods section).

Furthermore, as I fully understand the publication process, I can also ensure that scientific and medical articles fulfill the requirements of the target journal, if known. This can be in relation to language (American English vs. British English), page and paper format (e.g., font size and type, line spacing, margin size), the composition of the various pages and sections (e.g., title page requirements), and heading and subheading style. If requested, I also check that all cited papers are in the bibliography (and vice versa) and format the references according to journal requirements. Tables can also be formatted and figure text corrected.

Banner image: Immunocytochemical staining of K+-deprived cerebellar granule cells. © 2018 Kevin Clayton.